Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kanye West - Graduation

 The album cover isn't a very typical album cover, it's done in cartoon with a very abstract image of a teddy being shot into the sky in celebration of graduating, matching the title of the album 'Graduation'. We can see this as we see the hats being thrown in the hair in the typical fashion of graduation and the balloons which connotes celebration. The parental advisory sticker sticks out in the bottom left comer with the record label and producers in small print above. The variety of different bright colours suggests that the album is going to be more lively and adverse. Which is then shown in the music with tracks featuring T-pain to Coldplays Chris Martin.
The advert is very simple and isn't as bright the cover and with the different colours you don't immediately link in to the album through the use of colour. However you see the image of the teddy which is the same face as the one on the album cover, and this links it to the album cover. The teddy is wearing Kanye West's signature aviator glasses which again does link it to the artist. The writing simply tells us the artist and when the album is out.

Monday, November 7, 2011

 Wales' new album 'Ambition' has a very simple cover, this is more what we expect, a picture of the artist and then his name and the album title. However the picture of him is made to look like it was done with oil pastels  which makes it less conventional. The picture of him is looking up at something, like he's aspiring towards this - his ambition. This is the title of the album so the picture also represents the name of the album.

The advert is also very simple and just tells you the name of the artist and album and when the album is out. Both the album cover and advert are very simple and this connotes that the album is going to be very stripped back, More rap music than R & B.

In both the CD cover and the advert his name 'wale' is wrote to make it look like it's a shoelace, but it very flowing. This suggests that this is how his music is going to be.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Shwayze and Cisco Advert

 This is the cover for the album 'island in the sun'. I like the idea of this because it's done in cartoon, something we want to incorporate into our video. The CD cover isn't what you would expect from the typical cover as most use a photo of the artist or a photo of something to do with the album title. This cover does this, as the album is called 'island in the sun' and we can see what we would expect from a typical island, the sun, palm trees, blue waters and the beach. However we would typically expect a photo of this on the cover with maybe the artist on the island, here they've made it cartoon. 

The magazine advert is a relatively simple advert, it just tells you what the album is and that it's out now and where you can get it from. The image used in the advert is different to the one on the album cover, but would be instantly recognisable with the other. They use subtle things in the picture to promote themselves, in the bottom right corner you can see Cisco's name.
Both the CD cover and Advert aren't conventional and this is shown through there music. The duo together bring there own style of music and mix together to create a good blend. And the title of the album fits the music perfectly, and when I listen to the album it makes me picture the things in the cover and advert, like the sun and the soft water being calm from the soft folk rock that Cisco brings and then the waves and the more excitement from the rap of Shwayze.   

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Redundancy is the predictable manor in which something is either shown or done.
Entropy is the opposite, so how unpredictable something is and more random.

In our video want to get the right balance between redundancy and entropy, if its to redundant then the video will be to predictable and will be boring so wont have the right ideas to attract our target audience. However if there is to much entropy then the video will not make sense and then confuse the audience, again something we don't want.

We don't want an even balance between the redundancy and entropy as we want ours to be slightly more entropic so people want to watch the video and are talking about it and the meaning of it, but its a fine line because if it's to entropic people will be to confused.