Friday, March 9, 2012

Question 3.

From our feedback we discovered that most of the conventions and mise-en-scene was correct for the genre we were doing, and the audience suggested that you could tell from the the visuals that the genre was rap. We also found that the lip sync could have been improved. We found this difficult as our performer seems to mumble and this was also one of the criticisms we were given.

We used facebook and created a group on there where we posted our video and people responded. These are some of the responses.

Someone commented of the pace of editing, which is something we wanted to get right, as most rap videos have fast pace editing but we also wanted to slow paced editing in there.

The 3rd comment about the features being typical can be seen as good and bad, we obviously wanted to make it recognizable as a rap video, however we wanted it to be different in parts as well to make it stand out.

The 4th comment again is something we wanted to do, cut it to the beat which is good that someone has recognized that we have done that and succeeded mostly in, however we have obviously not done it perfectly throughout.

Question 4.

Question 2.

The video is mostly coherent with the digipack and advert, however there are elements to them that aren't coherent and don't respond to each other.

The branding of our artist is coherent through the two print tasks and the video itself, although the costumes are not exactly the same in all of them they're all the same style and some shots from the video match those of the two print tasks.
 This is the digipack advert and his stance is very similar to this shot from the video and that both have similar mise-en-scene, wearing similar clothes, hoody with a rucksack and trousers low. We also have very low lighting in both which shows the coherence between the two. We want to create the branding so its instantly recognisable to when you see images similar to these you know who the artist it.

Although we didn't have any real costumes we had to get the mise-en-scene right so make sure things were similar between the print tasks and the video. We tried to make sure it was coherent and make it recognisable to the audience by using things like the hats and shoes as a part of both the print tasks and video.  

This image is taken from the digipack and we use a shot of the same shoes and trousers in the video which shows the coherence between the two. And is all part of the marketing to create redundancy as we expect to see the different shoes showing they have money in rap videos. 
This image is from the video and you can see the coherence between this and the image from the digipack with the same white background and the same shoes and trousers.
However we lacked some coherence between our video and print tasks, we used shots in our video at night time which we hadn't shown in the print tasks, although we did use dark backgrounds and dim lighting in the print task it wasn't really shown in the print tasks that we would use these shots from night. This would mean that the audience wouldn't necessarily link the two together if they saw a shot from the video and the print tasks. 

You can see the light backgrounds from the digipack, and this is used in the video, there isn't coherence between this and the shots from the night shoot. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shot list