Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kanye West - Good Life anlysis

The visuals respond to the video in a very illustrative way, what he says is shown either through the cartoon pictures or in the cartoon writing, this is how the sound is made more visual. The video still has the typical elements of a hip-hop video, we still see the male gaze towards women and the money and lifestyle rappers seem to live.

The video has a clear narrative but doesnt really follow a story, we see the things he talks about in the 'good life' such as the cars and the women. However the video doesnt really have a story its more about the images of the things he talks about.

The star is trying to present himself as being rich and popular saying he lives the good life. He talks about the money he has and the cars he drives. Throughout the video he wears lots of different clothes most of which are designer again trying to represent hinmself as being rich.

The pace of editing is slow as they have longer shots compared to most other  the hip-hop videos, however some of the shots are sped up with several fast shots cut together to break the sequence.

The video is quite literal as he says something we either see the image or the words he says, however the video is almost disjunctive as its unlike a conventional video as its the cartoon mixed with the real life people. The video is amplifying as well as we see his idea of the good life and is not necessarily how everyone sees it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Chiddy Bang mood board

I made a mood board based on the lyrics from their song 'Nothin' on we'. It shows the songs are not fully conventional to a rap song but still is like other rap songs with the cars and the money.